“We are committed to joining forces with strategic organizations that reflect our culture, enhance our global footprint, augment our talent and demonstrate a proven track record of servicing customers with the level of quality and professionalism that the Weiss-Aug reputation has been built upon”.
Dieter Weissenrieder, Owner and Founder of Weiss-Aug

The philosophy of the Weiss-Aug Group is to develop through the partnership of industry leading organizations with complimentary capabilities, the best precise complex metal forming and plastics component capabilities from development through high volume production. We will strive to expand our technology, capabilities, and continuously improve our performance alongside our customers. 

Our Key Goals

  • Quality First Culture

  • Innovation through investment in technology and people

  • Continuous improvement through process development

Our Timeline



70’’ – Weiss-Aug specialized in the production of semiconductors for the automotive industry

1972 - Weiss-Aug Co. Inc. was founded by Dieter Weissenrieder and Kurt Augustin in Parsippany, New Jersey

1972 – Weiss-Aug launched The Mosquitos, that are still in production (9 generations in production by 2019). At the peak, the company produced approximately 70 million of Mosquitos per week.

1972-74 – The company occupied half of the building on Merry Lane

1978- The company moved to the new building also on Merry Lane in East Hanover; after the building expanded twice to include all the capabilities – stamping, insert molding and assembly (1993)



80’’ Weiss-Aug expanded into the medical industry with stampings for syringes

1980 - Weiss-Aug expanded to include first insert molding machinery

1983 - Start of the Apprenticeship Program (first graduates still with the company)

1984 - Assembly Division of Weiss-Aug was relocated to Parsipanny

1988- Assembly/Molding Division in Boonton was established




1992- Weiss-Aug was awarded by The Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) The Higgins Design Award for its power conductors and snap domes. These components were part of a switching device that carries and controls electrical energy.

1993 - Weiss-Aug corporate headquarters expanded (55,000 sqft. including insert molding – 30 new injection molding machines and corporate office)

1993- Weiss-Aug introduced a New Tooling Department and installed first 4 Bruderer presses (60 ton)

1998- Weiss-Aug was awarded The Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) the Higgins Design Award for its redesign of a complex stamping process to produce a radio frequency (RF) connector

1999- Weiss-Aug was recommended for ISO 9002 Certification by Bureau Veritas



2003 – 5S’s Continuous Improvement Program (Sort, Straighten, Shine, Schedule, Score) was implemented

2004 – Weiss-Aug was TS 16949 certified

2005- Weiss-Aug’s qualified tool makers established a New Product Development Department (first projects came along already in 2001)

2006- Weiss-Aug’s Stampings and Moldings are “Out of this World”- development and production of a compact connector (wafer) used in the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO- established to measure the solar atmosphere)

2008 – Weiss-Aug was certified with ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO/TS 16949  

2008 - Weiss-Aug produced a stamped component for connector for the Curiosity Mars Rover




2010 - Weiss-Aug gained ISO 12485: 2003 certification  

2012 –  A.R. Hedberg Training & Education Award presented by the Precision Metalforming Association to The Diemasters.  The award recognizes the high standards of achievement set by the metalforming industry in the areas of design, safety, training and education, process control, quality, productivity and product development. 

2012 – The Diemasters recognized with Hitachi Pioneer award for its Training and Workforce Development (LISSTs Training)   

2013 - JK Tool & Die became a Weiss-Aug affiliate and is renamed JK Tool

2013 – Higgins-Caditz Design Award for The Diemasters the redesign of the ViewScan microfilm/microfiche reader that it manufactures for ST Imaging. The reader finds use throughout the library/education and civil defense industries. PMA's Awards of Excellence in Metalforming recognize the high standards of achievement set by the metalforming industry in the areas of design, innovation and technology, quality, training and education, process control, product development and productivity.

2013 – Weiss-Aug was awarded The Supplier Quality Award and Supplier Innovation Award by Covidien

2015 - The Weiss-Aug Group was formally established to manage the relationship between the Weiss-Aug affiliated organizations

2015 - The Diemasters became a member of The Weiss-Aug Group

2016 - Weiss-Aug Surgical Division was formed and relocates to new facility in Fairfield, NJ.

2016 – Weiss-Aug was ISO 14001: 2004 certified

2017- Weiss-Aug expanded to Mexico with the newly opened plant located in Monterrey

2017 – Weiss-Aug was awarded The Supplier Excellence Award by Medtronic

2018- Weiss-Aug was awarded The Supplier Excellence Award. Driving Value by Medtronic. Weiss-Aug is the only company that received this award twice in consecutive years