“We are committed to joining forces with strategic organizations that reflect our culture, enhance our global footprint, augment our talent and demonstrate a proven track record of servicing customers with the level of quality and professionalism that the Weiss-Aug reputation has been built upon”.
Dieter Weissenrieder, Owner and Founder of Weiss-Aug

The philosophy of the Weiss-Aug Group is to develop through the partnership of industry leading organizations with complimentary capabilities, the best precise complex metal forming and plastics component capabilities from development through high volume production. We will strive to expand our technology, capabilities, and continuously improve our performance alongside our customers. 

Our Key Goals

  • Quality First Culture 
  • Innovation through investment in technology and people
  • Continuous Improvement through process development

Our Timeline

1972 - Weiss-Aug Co. Inc. is founded by Dieter Weissenrieder and Kurt Augustin in Parsippany, New Jersey

1980 - Weiss-Aug expands to include insert molding

1990 - Weiss-Aug corporate headquarters expands

2013 - JK Tool & Die becomes a Weiss-Aug affiliate and is renamed JK Tool

2015 - The Weiss-Aug Group is formally established to manage the relationship between the Weiss-Aug affiliated organizations

2015 - The Diemasters becomes a member of The Weiss-Aug Group

2016 - Weiss-Aug Surgical Division is formed and relocates to new facility in Fairfield, NJ.